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Personal Coaching

Tailored Coaching for Individuals

Personal coaching is dedicated to the person who wants to increase focus on personal productivity. You have a desire to become more organized around your tasks, commitments and stress levels. You have a lot of different responsibilities and want to be able to handle it in a more long-term and sustainable way. We coach unemployed and also CxO’s in major corporations.


4 hours introduction
Help to get started and get an overview of all loose ends

10 hours basic training
Get a better overview of your tasks, routines and mental models.

2 months elite training
Get better work routines, mental models, focus areas and long-term goalsmål.

2 hours personal coaching
Help to get started after a workshops or full-day course

With new efficient work routines will get a workday with mental excess and a better overview. It will be fun and rewarding to go to work. You will gain valuable insights about new ways to do more and work less.

You will have space for contemplation and to focus on what is important. When you have control of the loose ends, you’ll be able to go on the weekend with a good conscience. Personal coaching will give you space, an overview and job satisfaction.

“Mark instructed in Personlig Workflow to the Project Valuation team in Renewables, DONG Energy, in Autumn of 2010. PW successfully managed to convince me of the benefit of investing time in learning his methods. To me, it has essentially freed up time and provided security in managing more tasks with higher complexity. PW’s preferred focus during workshops is on practice over theory, and so results become visible within few weeks or even days. At the same time the setup is flexible enough, so that everyone is able to fit it to own preferences. Simple and easy-to-implement tools such as the 2-minute rule, use of dedicated task list software, concept of “going neutral” and the physical inbox have all made a valuable difference. Apart from the methods being impactful and effective, Mark himself is engaging, good at motivating and a natural communicator.”
Michael Selchau SanggaardDong Energy
“I am an individual that tends to get involved in a lot of different assignments. Both professionally and personally. When I contacted PW, my primary purpose was to get a more efficient way to organize all the tasks, that I had during a day. Mark recommended that I went through a Personal Workflow course. The course gave me some brilliant in-sights as to how I should look at each task in a context – in order to prioritize between all the projects. It is difficult to give an exact measure of the impact the course has given me. However, I feel that I am more effecient with a clear perception of which tasks to prioritise, and that the overview of all my projects has improved significantly. I can warmly recommend that you consider using PW’s courses, if you want your time to reach a little further.”
Lasse HaugaardNovo Nordisk

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